Career Tech

Creating opportunities

Through our ten industry-relevant career tracts, students will gain practical, applicable skills that will enable them to enter the job market with industry-recognized certifications in-hand. Our program provides students with tangible work experience both at Ridge View and within the community.

The Program

Ridge View Academy’s CTE Program includes:

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    The barbering program prepares students to work in a barbershop or salon.  Each month the barbershop program provides haircuts for students.

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    Bicycle Mechanics

    This industry-recognized curriculum leads to certification that prepares students for careers in bicycle repair and maintenance.

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    Construction Trades

    Experiences in Habitat for Humanity and specialized individual projects prepare students for careers in Construction.

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    CO Construction Institute

    Entry-level tool training, OSHA certification, and Service projects lead to work experience and the opportunity for a stipend.

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    Culinary Arts

    This industry-recognized certification teaches fundamentals in food prep, nutrition and sanitation.

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    Introduces students to digital photography, video & audio production, and interactive media tools.

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    Provides fundamental background knowledge on telecommunications used in business and smart homes.

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    Trowel trades

    This curriculum introduces masonry technology, safety, and joining brick and block in wall construction in both residential and commercial settings.

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    Basic welding introduction through tool usage and welding types; designed for students to continue welding at post-secondary institutions.