Ridge View Academy

Ridge View Academy (RVA) opened in 2001 as an academy model program to provide normalized high school experiences to youth. Within this setting, youth received therapeutic services, accredited education, vocational learning opportunities, and the chance to participate in diverse extracurricular activities. RVA served over 7,000 boys—with over 2,000 youth receiving their high school diploma or GED—over the course of its 20 years of operation. The program closed in 2021 at the completion of the contract in alignment with the State’s efforts to reduce the number of out-of-home placements for youth. Although Ridge View remains closed, ROP continues to work with youth in Colorado, providing specialized care while fulfilling its mission of improving the lives of youth.

Tour de Youth

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide youth with unique programs and experiences that challenge and inspire them, ROP is hosting a cross country cycling tour in 2024 called the Tour de Youth (TDY). The coast-to-coast ride will be led by RVA’s long-time cycling coach Greg Townsend, the inspiration behind the recently released Hard Miles movie. The ride will be launched in the spring, to bring unique learning opportunities and normalized experiences to kids through the outdoors. The Tour de Youth aims to guide students on a transformative journey of mental and physical development through this 3,000 plus mile bike ride from California to Washington D.C., while showing them the historic and scenic sights of the United States along the way.

For information about Ridge View Academy Academy School or to request student records, please contact 1-800-215-1259.